Uwe confesses: “Yes! My films are financed with Nazi-Gold!”

“Yes! My films are financed with Nazi-Gold!”“Jewish Claims Conference” wants to require all revenues of Uwe Bolls movies.

For a long time it was only a rumour. Now German Scandal-director Uwe Boll has officially confessed:
“Yes! My films are financed with Nazi-Gold”,
Uwe announced during a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival on the occasion of his newest work “Postal”.

It was his grandfather who had given him the idea by secretly slipping larger sums of money to little Uwe. Using this money Boll financed his first film experiment. “For a long time I didn’t think about where the money from Granddaddy came from”, Uwe Boll admitted. “Then one day I asked him directly about the source of the money, and Granddad confessed that he earned it during his time as a guard in a German concentration camp.”

Boll explained, that friends of his grandfather not only provided him access to large sums of money but also provided him contacts to German Investors from South America. “Nobody wanted the money then. I just thought: Someone has to do something with it”, admitted Boll.

Whether Uwe Boll and his investors can rejoice together over the revenues from his new film is not yet clear. As the “Jewish Claims Conference” announced yesterday at a press conference summoned by the organisation itself in New York, they would assert their claim to all proceeds.


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